Linux + Gaming keyboard + Laziness + Neo4j

A long time ago, I bought a gaming keyboard for its embedded leds, to code at night.Apart from that, it was not supported under Linux. Whatever … Recently, I tried to find how the Gx keys were detected by the command showkey –scancodes Unfortunately, it did not show any key codes … Quite puzzling … […]

Libreoffice 7 crashing on unfocus

On my KUbuntu, I experienced a lot of crashes from libreoffice 7.2 when switching windows. As per a post on an archforum, the solution is to add XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 at the beginning of the /usr/bin/libreoffice file Apparently, this is a recurring bug that has been present for a few years.

Some scifi again.

Had a moment to put some words together.Tell me what you think of it in the comments

Fear litany privacy policy

No data is gathered by me.I wont know who you are, how many times you run the app. Nothing.

Mini cours photo

[French only] J’ai retrouvé le support de cours que j’ai créé et utilisé pour faire un petit training à des copains et collègues il y a quelques années. A l’époque, nous nous étions lancés dans une série “workshop du midi” où chacun apportait ses connaissances.Ensuite, nous avons aussi fait du plus lourd, sur plusieurs séances […]

Quel laptop acheter pour la rentrée ?

Ce post s’adresse aux étudiants des établissements où j’enseigne, je ne prétends pas pouvoir conseiller les étudiants de toutes les formations disponibles. Pour la rentrée, on souhaite être prêt et avoir une machine toute neuve. C’est naturel. Tout d’abord, n’oubliez pas de penser au marché de l’occasion. Cela peut être du recyclé suite à un […]

Wake up sounds

Do you know that using a song for waking up makes it sound despicable thereafter.Even Bohemian Rhapsody. Could you believe that ? Unless you love to get up So, HERE IS a trio of files that you can use as ringtones. They are not as repetitive as default ringtones can be. The multiple signals will […]

CPC Memories

If we have met, you saw I am an older geek. I’m from the Amstrad CPC Generation, I was blessed with a 6128 as my dad thought it was wasted time to watch a game load on 464 (from K7 tape). While looking for vids of the Technimusique speech synthetizer to evaluate the gap with […]

Some Bash magic, graph, csv

Unix shells are powerful. Scripts are useful. I am working on a project for which I want to know if the master data is already present in my graph as I’ll process CSV files. So, the idea is to get all the distinct unique values from a given column in all the csv file and […]

Neo4j Favorites

You certainly already know that you can add a Cypher statement as a favorite by hitting the star button next to the input box A very useful trick is to start it with a comment, so that the comment appears as the title of the favorite in the favorites tab. // Isolated nodes – count […]