A story plot

That should be for an action movie with lots of explosions. I wrote it here https://twitter.com/wadael/status/1167030702229086208 in a thread. Here it is. Story plot: a Big pharma wages War against BIG brazilian farmers to save the Forest people. Its a private army hired for PR Its a beautiful international effort. Afghan vets from all sides. […]

My 3D designs

I share them on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/jeronimobenbattoun/designs   So far, propellers to create soap bubble, a mold for (big) sushis, a smal-to-big bit adapter for screwdiver      

First STL design

Been playing with Fusion360. Done a link that should help with your usb keys laying around. Print several, assemble them. Nail the first on the wall Download here Warning : not tested as I aint got no printer yet

[SOLVED] Cheap CH340g-based Arduino Nano clones not detected/cant upload

I have spent a few hours trying things and looking for answers about why two brand new Nano clones were not detected on two computers with three OSes (2 Mints with != kernels, and windows 7). First thing first, I guessed it could be a cable problem. Well, boards were on, connected my old G1, […]

Neo4j Book

  You can find my book on the editor’s site Learning Neo4j @ Packt or on many merchant websites    

Importing France into Neo4j

importing data from several CSV files into Neo4j, with periodic commit by making a one big file via bash.

Health reco

Guys, If you are above 40 and are coding for a living, then you might be concerned. If you are not a sports freak even more. Go see a cardiologist, this may save your life, or make a difference between you being present at your kids marriage or not (provided they invite you).

Nexus5​ && hidden photos 

Well, well, well, here’s the context: I look pix with my N5 and there is no Camera folder in the DCIM folder when I plug it into my laptop, running Ubuntu So, for the sake of not searching too long next time, here is the magic command adb pull /storage/self/primary/DCIM/Camera It did not work with […]

New article 2 be published

And yet another pack of words Will make it to the kiosks. My article on Neo4j will be published in the september issue of the French Linux Magazine. Seems so far So proud

Continuous democracy

Today again, yet another foolish decision taken by vote of a small group of elected people. The immunity of a senator is not suspended although involved in a case of buying votes. Laughable but true thus brings the tears on our dying democracy. This is not fundamentally bad. I dream of a time when adults […]