Linux Mint 20 / dual monitors / redshift

I previously was a user of f.lux On my new install of mint20, Redshift is already installed. Was annoyed that it only managed one monitor after I plugged a second. Some searching took me to http://jonls.dk/redshift/ and I tried my luck with creating the configuration file. Made two updates: commented screen=1 at the end updated […]

APOC to the rescue #2

In this short post, another APOC feature worth its weight. The function apoc.any.property takes two parameters, first being the object (node, relation) the second being the name of a property of that object. It returns the value of any property of an object.   <– genius 🙂 That is super useful when you want to use […]

APOC to the rescue #1

Picture yourself, querying on a text property, looking for duplicates and BOOM you see they not only have the same text but also the same Identifier !!! Your brain screams “OMG I have nodes with the same identifier ! How can that be !” Your start to wonder if all the confidence you put on […]


You may know me as a Packt author. This is true. I have a title published at Packt Learning Neo4J 3.x Second Edition I am also a long time collaborator of Manning, as a technical reviewer on 5 to 10 books (or more). Just like everybody, I’d love a big passive income. So I accepted […]

A story plot

That should be for an action movie with lots of explosions. I wrote it here https://twitter.com/wadael/status/1167030702229086208 in a thread. Here it is. Story plot: a Big pharma wages War against BIG brazilian farmers to save the Forest people. Its a private army hired for PR Its a beautiful international effort. Afghan vets from all sides. […]

My 3D designs

I share them on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/jeronimobenbattoun/designs   So far, propellers to create soap bubble, a mold for (big) sushis, a smal-to-big bit adapter for screwdiver      

First STL design

Been playing with Fusion360. Done a link that should help with your usb keys laying around. Print several, assemble them. Nail the first on the wall Download here Warning : not tested as I aint got no printer yet

[SOLVED] Cheap CH340g-based Arduino Nano clones not detected/cant upload

I have spent a few hours trying things and looking for answers about why two brand new Nano clones were not detected on two computers with three OSes (2 Mints with != kernels, and windows 7). First thing first, I guessed it could be a cable problem. Well, boards were on, connected my old G1, […]

Neo4j Book

  You can find my book on the editor’s site Learning Neo4j @ Packt or on many merchant websites    

Importing France into Neo4j

importing data from several CSV files into Neo4j, with periodic commit by making a one big file via bash.