CPC Memories

If we have met, you saw I am an older geek. I’m from the Amstrad CPC Generation, I was blessed with a 6128 as my dad thought it was wasted time to watch a game load on 464 (from K7 tape). While looking for vids of the Technimusique speech synthetizer to evaluate the gap with […]

Some Bash magic, graph, csv

Unix shells are powerful. Scripts are useful. I am working on a project for which I want to know if the master data is already present in my graph as I’ll process CSV files. So, the idea is to get all the distinct unique values from a given column in all the csv file and […]

Neo4j Favorites

You certainly already know that you can add a Cypher statement as a favorite by hitting the star button next to the input box A very useful trick is to start it with a comment, so that the comment appears as the title of the favorite in the favorites tab. // Isolated nodes – count […]

Linux Mint 20 / dual monitors / redshift

I previously was a user of f.lux On my new install of mint20, Redshift is already installed. Was annoyed that it only managed one monitor after I plugged a second. Some searching took me to and I tried my luck with creating the configuration file. Made two updates: commented screen=1 at the end updated […]

APOC to the rescue #2

In this short post, another APOC feature worth its weight. The function takes two parameters, first being the object (node, relation) the second being the name of a property of that object. It returns the value of any property of an object.   <– genius 🙂 That is super useful when you want to use […]

APOC to the rescue #1

Picture yourself, querying on a text property, looking for duplicates and BOOM you see they not only have the same text but also the same Identifier !!! Your brain screams “OMG I have nodes with the same identifier ! How can that be !” Your start to wonder if all the confidence you put on […]

Importing France into Neo4j

importing data from several CSV files into Neo4j, with periodic commit by making a one big file via bash.

Nexus5​ && hidden photos 

Well, well, well, here’s the context: I look pix with my N5 and there is no Camera folder in the DCIM folder when I plug it into my laptop, running Ubuntu So, for the sake of not searching too long next time, here is the magic command adb pull /storage/self/primary/DCIM/Camera It did not work with […]

My main Twttr usage is …

… technology watch. I read twttr mostly while commuting. Like most of us, geeks, I presume. I do not fav tweets, I share them via email with my office mailbox. Then, those emails end in a ‘watch this’ bucket. I’m pretty sure you do it too. Therefore, what I need is a button that does […]

GWT, IE8, and DialogBox – a tale of misfortune

I had a subclass of subclass of DialogBox that was not appearing when using IE, but was with FFox & Chrome. The following is from my first subclass @Override public void show() {; setVisible(true); // <—- this is the key …. } The bug is solved but that brings a question : do I […]