My new time-eater

I am a fan of city builder games. Lately I discovered Foundation https://store.steampowered.com/app/690830/Foundation/ Here are my 2 cents: The result is you dont have to move your hand from the arrows. The economics look f*ed up. See the cost of the raw materials needed to create rings and compare with export price. Do not make […]

Fear litany privacy policy

No data is gathered by me.I wont know who you are, how many times you run the app. Nothing.

Mini cours photo

[French only] J’ai retrouvé le support de cours que j’ai créé et utilisé pour faire un petit training à des copains et collègues il y a quelques années. A l’époque, nous nous étions lancés dans une série “workshop du midi” où chacun apportait ses connaissances.Ensuite, nous avons aussi fait du plus lourd, sur plusieurs séances […]

Quel laptop acheter pour la rentrée ?

Ce post s’adresse aux étudiants des établissements où j’enseigne, je ne prétends pas pouvoir conseiller les étudiants de toutes les formations disponibles. Pour la rentrée, on souhaite être prêt et avoir une machine toute neuve. C’est naturel. Tout d’abord, n’oubliez pas de penser au marché de l’occasion. Cela peut être du recyclé suite à un […]

Wake up sounds

Do you know that using a song for waking up makes it sound despicable thereafter.Even Bohemian Rhapsody. Could you believe that ? Unless you love to get up So, HERE IS a trio of files that you can use as ringtones. They are not as repetitive as default ringtones can be. The multiple signals will […]


You may know me as a Packt author. This is true. I have a title published at Packt Learning Neo4J 3.x Second Edition I am also a long time collaborator of Manning, as a technical reviewer on 5 to 10 books (or more). Just like everybody, I’d love a big passive income. So I accepted […]

My 3D designs

I share them on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/jeronimobenbattoun/designs   So far, propellers to create soap bubble, a mold for (big) sushis, a smal-to-big bit adapter for screwdiver      

First STL design

Been playing with Fusion360. Done a link that should help with your usb keys laying around. Print several, assemble them. Nail the first on the wall Download here Warning : not tested as I aint got no printer yet

[SOLVED] Cheap CH340g-based Arduino Nano clones not detected/cant upload

I have spent a few hours trying things and looking for answers about why two brand new Nano clones were not detected on two computers with three OSes (2 Mints with != kernels, and windows 7). First thing first, I guessed it could be a cable problem. Well, boards were on, connected my old G1, […]

Neo4j Book

  You can find my book on the editor’s site Learning Neo4j @ Packt or on many merchant websites