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Linux Mint 20 / dual monitors / redshift

I previously was a user of f.lux On my new install of mint20, Redshift is already installed. Was annoyed that it only managed one monitor after I plugged a second. Some searching took me to http://jonls.dk/redshift/ and I tried my luck with creating the configuration file. Made two updates:
  • commented screen=1 at the end
  • updated with the lat/long values for my place
restart redshift and all fine, both monitors are dimmed in sync
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APOC to the rescue #2

In this short post, another APOC feature worth its weight.

The function apoc.any.property takes two parameters, first being the object (node, relation) the second being the name of a property of that object.

It returns the value of any property of an object.   <– genius 🙂

That is super useful when you want to use several columns from a CSV* that have alike names, like pos(swa) pos (fra) pos (eng).

Here is an example to return wanted columns from the line object

WITH ['eng', 'swa', 'fra'] AS lngs
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///my_12_langs.csv.file" AS line FIELDTERMINATOR ';'
UNWIND lngs AS lng
WITH 'pos ('+ lng + ')' AS colName, line
RETURN apoc.any.property(line, colName) LIMIT 10



Here is something a little closer to the real Cypher I use. I create temp nodes. Because then I check for the presence of properties in conditions.

WITH ['eng', 'swa', 'fra'] AS lngs   # just 3 here, has 12
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///my_12_langs.csv.file" AS line FIELDTERMINATOR ';'
SET t += line
WITH t,lngs
UNWIND lngs AS lng
WITH 'pos ('+ lng + ')' AS colName,t
RETURN colName, apoc.any.property(t, colName) LIMIT 50

DELETE t   # clean up


Hope this is useful for you.

Big up to the APOC maintainers.

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APOC to the rescue #1

Picture yourself, querying on a text property, looking for duplicates and BOOM you see they not only have the same text but also the same Identifier !!!

Your brain screams “OMG I have nodes with the same identifier ! How can that be !”

Your start to wonder if all the confidence you put on Neo is misplaced.
A true trial of faith.

Doubt not.
This can happen, even though you created a fine constraint on the property, even though Neo is written by fine brains and IDs is MVP level for a DB.
You dont believe it ?

The reason it can happen is data type.

123456 and ‘123456’ are not the same.
So if you (like me) forgot to convert from string to integer in your LOAD CSV script, thats what happens.

To solve this and identify the nodes you just created, APOC can help.
What can APOC not do ?

There is a function apoc.meta.cypher.type(property) returning STRING where the property is stored as a String.


MATCH (n:Label)
WHERE apoc.meta.cypher.type(n.property) = 'STRING'
RETURN count(s)

That code will give you an idea of the width of the mistake.

The Cypher code to solve this is coming next 🙂

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You may know me as a Packt author. This is true.
I have a title published at Packt Learning Neo4J 3.x Second Edition

I am also a long time collaborator of Manning, as a technical reviewer on 5 to 10 books (or more).
Just like everybody, I’d love a big passive income.

So I accepted to become an affiliate thus the banner in the banner.

Currently, I chose to advertise the book of William Lyon on GraphQL

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A story plot

That should be for an action movie with lots of explosions.
I wrote it here https://twitter.com/wadael/status/1167030702229086208 in a thread.
Here it is.

Story plot: a Big pharma wages War against BIG brazilian farmers to save the Forest people. Its a private army hired for PR Its a beautiful international effort. Afghan vets from all sides. Former Yugoslavia soldiers awaited in La Haye. Former special forces ….

… of the ”good” nations. A few members of ”Snipers for Good” All united under the pharma banner in the interest of humanity Looks good

In the bg, its mob manners, kidnapping of pdt old mama to put a stop to fires But cardiac, she dies 😦 It pours oil on the fires. In both meanings. Threats, attacks, defenses a lot of action Ppl rebel, peaceful sitin demonstrations every day, in the dust and fumes coming..

..from the burning areas are violently attacked by riot police. RP depicted as bloodthirsty, trigger happy pigs and rapists. All ends as well as possible after prsdt suicides But shadowy politics go back to the shadows, awaiting their time (or the sequel) Ultimately, ….

. the lead action hero learns the real why of all this costly save the trees operation It was to save the natives living in the forest Satisfaction for hero and audience Then …. We learn of a new miracle diet pill marketed by bigpharma. …. Wait for it …….

Using gut bacteria from the natives, thanks to collected feces. As accompanying files show, Native where kidnapped for trials. Concluded that only forest food and conditions would secure production. Thus the military intervention. The end

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My 3D designs

I share them on Thingiverse



So far, propellers to create soap bubble, a mold for (big) sushis, a smal-to-big bit adapter for screwdiver





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First STL design

Been playing with Fusion360.

Done a link that should help with your usb keys laying around.Capture

Print several, assemble them. Nail the first on the wall

Download here

Warning : not tested as I aint got no printer yet

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[SOLVED] Cheap CH340g-based Arduino Nano clones not detected/cant upload

I have spent a few hours trying things and looking for answers about why two brand new Nano clones were not detected on two computers with three OSes (2 Mints with != kernels, and windows 7).

First thing first, I guessed it could be a cable problem.
Well, boards were on, connected my old G1, had a notification.
Cable was presumed OK.

I looked for fancy drivers. Found a 341SER driver for Linux, with kernel up to 3.13.
Uh oh. Problem. However, I worked with a third nano on those pcs. So except if there was a regression in the kernel, it should “logically” work a year later.

I read many pages, found the windows driver installed it. No success.

I’ve read that using a USB3 port may damage the Nanos. To be verified.

I have updated the kernel on a pc to 5.1, to test on 4.x and 5.x kernels.

And of course, I have tried a lot of combinations in the IDE for board/chip/programmer

I’ll stop here the list of everything I tried.


Using Nano model in the IDE does not work, I am getting

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00


I use : Arduino Duamilanove ou Diecimila , Atmega 328P, AVR ISP

TODAY, the cables box 1 (I have  2) where I store “cables that can be useful someday” was INDEED useful.

Do not underestimate the mighty issue-solving powers of the cables box (and double checking).

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Neo4j Book



You can find my book on the editor’s site

Learning Neo4j @ Packt or on many merchant websites



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Importing France into Neo4j

Abstract: importing data from several CSV files into Neo4j, with periodic commit.

This post is about a dataset provided by La Poste and IGN, that contains addresses and coordinates for ALL postal addresses in France.
It is also a lot of CSV files.

French readers may already have read how to do it in GNU/Linux Magazine France n°187
However, at the time, I did it only for one file, for Paris

As I need to import all parts of France, I tried to use a list of files

WITH ['file:///BAN_licence_gratuite_repartage_01.csv','file:///BAN_licence_gratuite_repartage_02.csv', .... ]
AS frfiles
UNWIND frfiles AS lefile
MERGE (ou:Endroit {id: ligne.id})

Unfortunately, USING PERIODIC COMMIT 10000 is marked as an error.
I presume this is not allowed by the grammar.
So I had an issue and no periodic commit.

So I took the option to create one big file.
This brings at least another issue: the repeated headers

Sed allows to get a file content bar its first line.

Here is my script.

Feels free to reuse/adapt it in a similar context.
There might be another more clever way. Anyway, this solved my issue.

head -1 BAN_licence_gratuite_repartage_75.csv > ALLBAN
#init dest file with header from ANY csv input

for file in `ls BAN*.csv`
 echo processing $file
 sed '1d' $file >> ALLBAN

mv ALLBAN BAN_France_Entiere.csv

# sed '1d' removes the first line